Workshops with Jill Davis

Lectures: Topics

Jill has lectured extensively and done workshops on the topics below, and she is delighted to create new workshops and talks to fit the needs of your group.

Parenting | Stress Reduction | Social Skills


Stress Reduction

Schools are putting more pressure on middle and high school students to pass standard tests. The results of all these demands plus the regular demands of growing up add more stresses experienced by students. The stresses are experienced at younger ages. Jill has designed a program to teach students how to recognize their stress and how to cope effectively with the stressors. Jill offers many useful techniques for students to learn and use in their daily lives. These techniques work and students feel better, have more successes in school and in their lives and sleep better.  The two workshops below: How to Cope with Stresses in Middle School and How to Cope with Stress in High School are needed today for all students.            

Social Skills Development

Children and adolescents learn better social skills and communicationDoing effective interactive exercises to teach better communication skills so children and adolescents learn how to relate to their peers, teachers, parents and others in a more productive way.