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Alphabet Living is a playful and sincere inspirational book, guided by a seed-like intention: the more you read it
and/or hear its poems, the more its concepts and ideas will take root.Within its covers is a layout of verse and  
imagery that inspires art-poetry-song-thoughtful conversation, etc.

Written and illustrated for people of all ages, Alphabet Living fosters meaningful reading experiences. It was created
in such a way that adults and children will enjoy reading and learning from it.
Each letter features the book's characters, Abby, Zeke, and their fearless companion Ay2zee, who is with them every step of the way! Abby, Zeke, and Ay2zee are sure to please, with engaging and thoughtful activities that capture the essence of each letter's respective word.
Alphabet Living
can help move through life with confident footsteps and as a force for good. 

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