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Nana Jill will work with you to tailor a plan specific to your individual needs!

~ effective ~ engaging ~ active

Teach your children well!

Values and coping skills are more important than grades.

      There is no question
        that parenting today
        has more challenges!     

Like any other skill, parenting is an intuitive and ongoing learning process. 

Jill knows there is no single best way to parent. 

Parenting can shift from




Because effective parenting takes many forms, Jill will work with your

family to create a need-
based planusing proven techniques that work! 

What worked for your parents, 
may or may not 

work for your children. Knowing how to raise 

Resilient Child that grows into a healthy, happy,

confident, loving, and mature adult takes work.

Children need to be taught skills as well as how to learn from their

so they do not become victims of repetitive experiences.

Parents need to 
prepare their children for the challenges of today's

ever changing and complicated world.

Knowing the 
temperament of your children, yourself,

and your family as a whole, is crucial 
to raising 

children who are successful on multiple 

Community Outreach

Schools    *    Community Centers    *    Parents

parenting coach speaker   *   workshop presenter     educator     parenting facilitator 

Jill designs specially tailored programs that address schools', community centers', and parents'

needs. Her flexible and results-oriented approach adapts easily to what any situation requires. 

Monthly Classes
Taming your Toddler addresses issues such as: 

discipline   eating   bedtime   playfulness  *  meltdowns   

*  toilet training   *  temper tantrums  *  

Now I Have Two Children, What Do I Do addresses issues such as:                 

 sibling rivalry   perils of comparison   techniques to use and things not to say


               how to treat each child uniquely, not equally  *  stress reduction tools for your family

Mom's Group

Dad's Group

Grandparent's Group
(coming soon)


Parenting & Stress (across the country), addressing topics such as:

 parenting   *   stress reduction   *   career development

Jill's Background 

Jill has been in the mental health field for over 30 years, working with individuals, children, adolescents, couples, and parents to facilitate their opportunities for a more successful and happy life.

She has a body-mind-spirit approach and bridges the worlds of traditional clinical work with techniques that work for parent in today's technologically-driven society.

She uses humor, empathy, and kindness to assist people in learning how to feel good, have successful relationships, an create a happier life. 

She has authored two books:
 Life's A Trip & The ABC's of What You Can Be. 

She is also a trained Child'Space Practitioner. Check out


B.A.—U of Michigan: Education  *  M.S.W.—U of Michigan: Clinical Social Work  *  M.A.—Oakland U: Guidance & Counseling 


Certified Yoga Teacher    *    Certified  Child'Space Practitioner (awareness through movement) 


5 years: elementary school teacher   *  2 years: high school counselor   *  6 years: career counselor


Hobbies & Interests

Working with new parents  *  Gardening  *  Reading  *  Yoga  *  Babysitting her grandchildren  *  Walking


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